October 28, 2007

Unfolding Map Supplements

If you get a new issue of National Geographic Magazine that includes a supplement map and wish you could have an unfolded copy, we have in the past year started saving a limited number of maps before they hit the folding machine.

While available, they can be purchased by calling our Evergreen, Colorado office at 800-962-1643.


Woodford said...

How far back (historically) do you have unfolded maps? Years?

Eric Riback said...

We've just been doing this for about a year, so that's it, and subject to availability for each map. We do not plan to keep a rich archive of these maps, so you should expect us to have only the more recent ones in stock.

Now, maps from 1999 and earlier can be printed to order. See this post.

At some point soon we'll close the gap between maps available in our inventory and ones printed to order, as currently we can't help with maps from 2000 through 2005.