October 26, 2007

Old National Geographic Maps

We often are asked for maps that appeared as supplements to National Geographic Magazine in years past.

Although a few are in our current catalog, most are out of print. Of course, you might get lucky find what you want at a flea market or on eBay. But even if in excellent shape, it will be folded.

Now there is a way to view nearly all of our old supplements, and, if desired, buy a ready-to-frame copy printed on demand. Check out the National Geographic Maps Classic Collection offered by our partner maps.com.

Right now the collection goes up to 1999 and we are working on adding more recent maps.

A related question we are often asked is how to obtain a back issue of the magazine. That information is here. If the issue you want included a supplement, the map will still come with that magazine.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I didn't know this, thanks!