December 20, 2007

Idiot Proof?

A member of our sales team called today and I mentioned I was in the midst of testing updated instructions on transferring TOPO! maps to Triton, having unboxed a 1500 unit.

He asked, "So you want to see if it's idiot proof?" I didn't take umbrage. He knows I'm not exactly a GPS power user.

The good news is the directions worked easily. We're just fine tuning them and some additional tips and will have them on the web in a day.

Since this was my first time handling a Triton I'll say I liked the feel of it, loved the screen, especially the touchscreen operation. And the TOPO! maps I transferred looked great.

Meanwhile, Magellan informs us that the flood gates have opened and many more Tritons will soon be washing into stores near you.


Anonymous said...

Hate to tell you, but I have found this combination to be one of the most frustrating experiences to date. Just trying to get the program loaded on my pc has been a real hair puller. The program seems disorganized, there is no hand holding what so ever and this is the only place I can find to complain. When I load a disk into my computer, it usually can figure out what I want it to do. I bought the state of Oregon map to load onto my brand new triton. I load disk one and have to navigate through some pretty foriegn looking menus and I'm not certain whether it has really installed the way it should. But I gamely proceed with the next disc and my computer has no idea what to do. Right now I have made my own folder and am dragging the folder that shows up in my D drive to it. Once I get all the discs into that folder, I am hoping against hope that I can merge it into the main program. Will it work??? Once done, will I be able to load it on my gps??? I'd better be able to, or else.....

Eric Riback said...

Sorry you've had difficulty. It's rare that customers encounter the type of problem you report, but every PC is different in some way. We have a fairly robust tech support section at

But feel free to contact us at (the address for tech support only) and we'll be happy to help.