December 12, 2007

Question about Magellan Triton Delays

A Contours reader writes:

What is your view on the matter of the non-availability of a GPS-device (Magellan Triton) which is praised on your own web-page?

While we are not happy that the release has been delayed, more models are shipping to more stores each week. This is a new line that will be a standard for some years and so we view the delay as a short term disappointment.

While our relationship with Magellan is not exclusive, we are working closely with them and promoting the Triton line because they are the first company to do what thousands of our users and dealers have been asking GPS manufacturers to do for years: Allow them to transfer TOPO! maps to their handhelds.


Anonymous said...

Have you heard from anyone who has gotten one of the new Triton 1500s? I read on another blog that Magellan is sending out new (complete) units to customers who ended up with one of units mistakenly shipped earlier this month. Would be interested to know what you think.

Eric Riback said...

GPS tracklog has info about this and a good pre-review of the 1500.

For anyone who has purchased a Triton and wants to use with TOPO!, the best advice is to make sure you have the latest versions of firmware and VantagePoint (both from Magellan) and TOPO! from our web site.

Dezdan said...

Has anyone heard from Magellan about accessories for the Triton line? The Triton line took a long while to get out to us consumers, I sure hope their accessories (external power/antenna, etc.) doesn't take as long.