December 3, 2007

Where to buy Triton GPS

Last month we let you know the exciting news about a new line of GPS handhelds that will be the first to support tranfer of TOPO! maps to view and track on-screen.

Magellan's Triton units have begun shipping. A report on where to find them appears here today.


Mike said...

If I am using a Megellan Triton 500 and have the National Geographic TOPT map loaded with the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and I am hiking along a trail in the park (in the Mt. LeConte area of the park) is my location indicated on the National Geographic Map. Same question with the National Geographic Explorer Map loaded? If not, then what equipment will allow the tracking of my location along a National Park Trail in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park? Thank You, mike taylor

Eric Riback said...

Mike -

Yes, you will see a moving dot showing your location.

Please note that at this time maps from our TOPO! state series and Weekend Explorer 3D will transfer, but not the maps from our Trails Illustrated digital map Explorer 3D products. We expect that capability will come sometime in 2008.