March 8, 2008

Nat Geo Maps at the Ace Hardware Show

Maps are sold in a lot of interesting places. Some of them are Ace Hardware stores. Of course, most of those stores carry a lot more than hardware. Many have sporting goods, home d├ęcor and school supply products. Our maps fit these categories, so we're at the Ace Hardware trade show this weekend in Dallas.

We've met hundreds of friendly Ace managers and owners and are glad to be welcoming a bunch of them on board as dealers.

NGMaps Sales Manager Christy Schoonover (above with a customer) had the idea to invite attendees to put a pin in a map indicating their store location. Nearly 300 did, and it was fun to see the geographic spread from northwestern Alaska to the Florida Keys.

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Lisa said...

Maps are also a great display feature at the trade shows.
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