March 18, 2008

Map Exhibits in Baltimore

Map enthusiasts in the Baltimore area may be interested in four exhibits at the Walters Art Museum.


geoWIZard said...

Pathfinder Passports has been showcasing Topo! GPS mapXchange artifacts as REI "Learn & Share" Tales"(cc) since mid-2005.

Crafting ARTifacts for adaptive outdoor recreation "Eco-Challenges"
Empower consequential learning for Know Your Wilderness Inquiry Zones (WIZ)
Our "Trails-n-Tails" (TnT) theme:
[A] Reflects actionable distilled insights (WIZdom) for "EarthSea-Keeping" group activities
[B] Builds on FutureThought Leadership experiences with blended "Visual Learning" hyperportals
[C] Creates sharable community stewardship stories about "geoWIZard" MentorshipART
... Rev: 25-Oct-2007

geoWIZard said...

EcoTrekUSA-2004 REI Learn & Share Pilot Project:

Upper Miss Great River Birding ... Trails-n-Tales(cc)