November 23, 2007

Onion Made Us Cry

A column by Al Lewis about the satirical newspaper The Onion in today's Denver Post mentions their new atlas, Our Dumb World.

Says Onion CEO Stephen Hannah, "Our atlas is doing better than anything Rand McNally or National Geographic has done in a while. They are not on the bestseller lists."

We realize it's The Onions role to tweak, but the truth must out:

For the record, book bestseller lists do not take account of the many thousands of National Geographic world atlases purchased by our members through the mail. And if they included all the Wal-Marts and gas stations that sell road atlases, Rand McNally's would be perennially on the top of the list as they move millions every year.

Among the Onion's many subjects of ridicule in their atlas: our famous Afghan girl. Well, we're really not crying, but permit us to sniff!

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