November 6, 2008

National Geographic Teams with EPA to Map Ecosystems

National Geographic Maps is collaborating with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to create maps and web resources focused on "ecosystem services," a concept that has emerged in recent years reflecting the societal benefits obtained from ecosystems like forests and wetlands, including food production, flood control, water for manufacturing and energy, and open space for recreation and spiritual renewal. NG Maps will employ its cartographic talent and tradition to communicate these concepts and their importance to non-technical audiences including policy makers, planners and the public.

Read the Full EPA Press release:

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Bethany said...

Hey Mike, This is awesome.
As a fellow NGS employee I'm glad to see we're involved in some great collaborations.
I'm also writing to promote Geography Awareness Week, next week from the 16-22. There is a GIS day on that Wednesday, the 19th that I wanted to remind you all of.
If you'd like more info about the day or the week in-full, you can go to for a preview of the new Geography Awareness Week website from the My Wonderful World campaign.
Thanks and happy trails!