August 2, 2008

Bob Leonard, Navigation Professional

Our new NavPro program recognizes individuals who have demonstrated proficiency in navigation skills and concepts. National Geographic NavPros are certified experts.

We're pleased to announce the first person to achieve a perfect score on the NavPro qualifying exam, Bob Leonard, Special Events Coordinator at REI in Hillsboro, Oregon.

Bob is a retired Police Officer from Beaverton, Oregon. He also consults throughout the U.S. in Community Policing and Problem Solving, and Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design.

He's been a Special Events Coordinator for REI for the last four years and instructs in a wide variety of outdoor recreation topics for REI, including: GPS Navigation, Map & Compass, Geocaching, and Backpacking.

Bob is an avid backpacker, hiker, outdoor photographer, kayaker, and as many other outdoor activities as he can cram into a day. He's also actively involved in Scouting with his Eagle Scout son. He instructs regionally and nationally for BSA, and is a Master Educator for Leave No Trace. Bob and his wife spend their spare time (?) traveling in a motorhome with their two dogs, while the kids are away at college.

Congratulations, Bob!

Think you're up the challenge? Join the ranks by taking the NavPro exam today.

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