May 31, 2008

Scientists Continue Research Through Night

Sunset came to BioBlitz at around 8:00pm last night and as some of the last groups headed out for field collection an intrepid group continued to record, identify, georeference, and blog straight on through dawn.

Even between 1:00 and 2:00am there was still an eager, but somewhat bleary eyed crew of NG Staffers and volunteers at the scientific tent at Paramount Ranch. Just up the road a few hundred yards several entomologists using sodium lights and a white parachute like backdrop, attracted a diverse set of moths for collection.

Temperatures quickly cooled off and the NG Maps team of Jess Elder, David Wright, and myself made frequent rounds to the food tent for coffee to keep warm. "We've georeferenced and uploaded hundreds of photos taken by teams throughout the day." remarked Elder, "By the time the sun comes up will be ready for the next influx of research."

Now at 6:00am ... a heavy dew is covering most of the surfaces. The bustle of activity is beginning to heat up again. And soon, the sun will peak out from behind the foothills and warm the few of us here up!

Looking at the current species tally board which ran all night, the count is approaching 700 with plants accounting for nearly 65% of the reported finds from the first 18 hours.

More to follow as we march towards the close of BioBlitz Santa Monica!


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